Positive Behaviour Support Informed Training and Resources


Behaviour Zen’s mission is to provide an effective path for transforming the lives of children, adolescents and adults with emotional and behavioural difficulties through practical behaviour strategies.

By equipping parents, teachers, support staff and professionals with knowledge and understanding, they can support and guide the individual through a transformative journey that is filled with hope, happiness and success.

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Classroom Behavior Management Strategies


An individual may exhibit emotional and behavioural difficulties that can be categorised into one or more of the following conditions:

students with behavioural difficulties


Events and Workshops

Classroom Behavior Management Strategies
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Web Based App

Behaviour Management Courses Online
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Support for Anxious Children
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Our resources will equip you with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to make a positive change in the lives of the individuals with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties that you support.


Educate you to better understand your child’s emotional and behavioural needs.

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EMPOWER you to collaborate with your student’s parents, support staff and professionals to help your student learn positive ways of behaving and managing their emotions.

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ENABLE key people and support staff to work in a unified manner with the individual on this unique transformative journey.

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Responding Effectively and Preventing Challenging Behaviour

At Behaviour Zen, we believe that all behaviour serves a purpose. Understanding the reason for the behaviour is key to supporting individuals with challenging behaviours. By changing the interactions, activities and altering environments we can take positive steps towards managing and preventing challenging behaviours.

We routinely work with teachers, parents, professionals and support staff seeking knowledge and help working with individuals diagnosed with various behavioural disorders, including ASD and ADHD, as well as individuals who exhibit persistent emotional and behavioural difficulties e.g. aggression, oppositional and anxious behaviours. If the individual’s emotional and behavioural difficulties are left unaddressed in their school or home life this can lead to a number of consequences in both childhood and adulthood.

Through the workshops, online courses, books and app – Behaviour Zen aims to educate-empower-enable people use practical strategies to guide the individual learn positive ways of behaving and managing their emotions.

For more information regarding resources and training on positive ways of supporting individuals with challenging behaviour please contact us

Our support staff are here to answer any questions, comments or concerns you might have. We can provide with any additional information you might need regarding our consultancy services, workshops and online courses.

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