Hooked on Rewards

Students who are motivated show involvement in learning, a positive emotional tone, and persevere in the face of challenge. Unmotivated students, however, can exhibit internalised behaviours such as absenteeism or classroom passivity, reluctance to participate and cessation of effort; or externalised behaviours such as aggression, destruction, oppositional behaviours or delinquency. While rewards can help motivate… Read More »

Beyond Winning and Losing: Teaching Students to be Good Sports

Nobody wins all the time. We all regularly have experiences or engage in activities that have some level of competitiveness, whether it’s playing sports, participating in contests, or even things like hoping to become a school captain or applying for a job. As we grow and develop, we learn to cope with the possibility and… Read More »

Strategies for Students Who Struggle With Unstructured Times

Unstructured times can be a struggle for students with Anxiety, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The nature of these periods of time can prompt some students to exhibit emotional and behavioural difficulties that we as teaches would like to minimise. Fortunately, there are many strategies teachers can use to help their… Read More »

Cyberbullying: Empowering Students to be Cyber Smart and Cyber Safe

Cyberbullying Prevention

(Image source: https://goo.gl/Rj1fWF)  Bullying is a well-known, age-old societal problem, but our adoption of technology has given rise to new ways of causing harm: cyberbullying. Educating and empowering our students to be cyber smart and cyber safe and deal with painful emotions is vital for keeping them safe in a technological world. Cyberbullying casts a dark cloud over… Read More »