Dolly Bhargava provides a range of practical, interactive and customised workshops, for parents, educators, disability staff, coordinators/case managers and health professionals. She presents on the following topics

  1. Addressing misbehaviour: cultivating empathy, compassion and resilience
  2. Self-care for parents, educators, and professionals: happiness, well-being, and resilience
  3. Supporting individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities
  4. Supporting individuals with attachment disorders
  5. Inclusive practices in early childhood settings
  6. Supporting disengaged students in the classroom
  7. Promoting active learner engagement of students with disabilities
  8. Supporting individuals affected by trauma
  9. Developing emotional regulation skills in individuals with anxious, oppositional and aggressive behaviours
  10. Teaching students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  11. Communication strategies for individuals with sensory processing disorder
  12. Building self esteem and resilience
  13. Assessing – managing – preventing challenging behaviours
  14. Guiding the development of self regulation skills
  15. Strategies for support staff to facilitate effective communication with individuals with disabilities

She presents these workshops in a range of formats such as half a day, full day or over a few days. For customised training that is tailored to your context and delivered at your site please email

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Event Information:

  • Thu
    Developing Emotional Regulation Skills in Individuals with Anxious, Oppostional and Aggressive Behaviours

    9am - 3pm
    WHERE: Hurstville Training Rooms, 124 Forest Road, Hurstville

    Email to register

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