A very informative workshop. It was able to confirm strategies that I have put in place and inspiring ideas that I can use in my classroom to give greater choices and more communication opportunities to my students.

Andrew, teacher

As a parent I know the frustration of trying to communicate and connect with my child with Autism. Dolly’s practical and innovative approach has helped me learn where to start and how to use practical strategies to turn everyday difficulties around.

Trish, parent

An excellent presentation and a dynamic presenter. I very much enjoyed the way your information was on hand and able to be adapted to the audiences questions and queries.

Janine, psychologist

Participating in the e - learning modules have proven to be a very valuable exercise. Good pace and the comprehensive checklists gave me the confidence to complete the Functional Behaviour Analysis, put together a management and prevention plan.

Melinda, Teacher

I found the tasks and assessments to be quite helpful and have given me more strategies to try with the students I work with. I think in relationship to my work, I am going to have to remember to step bac, analyse the situation and reflect on what strategies have worked and not worked previously to try. As always I believe it’s a learning experience for both student and teacher and the more we work together, the more we get to know the triggers and strategies we can implement.

Helen, Education Assistant

Participating in the CBAI e- learning modules has proven to be a very valuable exercise. I was able to share my work with my team as we continue to work with who is responding well to the plan.

Jodie, Accomodation supervisor

Great workshop!! Absolutely excellent presenter. Great ability to adapt presentation to what group needs info on. Dolly is obviously an expert in her field and beyond.

Kylie, Speech Pathologist

A very easy to use app. By completing the assessment and intervention sections I have learnt to better understand my student, ways on managing my student’s behaviours effectively and prevent my student from having a meltdown.

Tracey, Teacher

Participating in the online course helped me take a step back to reflect on why my child was behaving the way he was. It helped learn of easy ways to build a positive relationship with my child and avoid a house filled with clashes.

Kay, Parent

The Behaviour Zen App has transformed the way we now approach behaviour management at our school. The app has enabled the staff to use a consistent process (i.e. assess-manage- prevent), share a common language (e.g. do’s and dont’s of behaviour management) and understandings to effectively support students exhibiting emotional and behavioural difficulties.

John, Principal

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